WEAU Election Bios

2021 Election Bios

WEAU membership,

Just when we thought we were through with elections here comes some more!!!  The WEAU would like your continued support in voting for those that will help lead and direct this great volunteer organization.  In preparation for the elections going out we wanted to help you to get to know those that are in current positions as well as those that will be up for election or re-election.  Below are pictures and short bios for these representatives so you can get to know them.  Look for the Ballots which will be coming out soon electronically through your email.


WEAU Executive Board


UP FOR ELECTION:  President, Trevor Lindley

Trevor Lindley

Trevor Lindley has been involved with WEAU for over 12 years and served in a number of roles including website, the pre-conference program (at annual), annual conference committee chair, secretary and vice president.   As Trevor has become more acquainted with other state member associations within WEF, it has become apparent that WEAU tops them all!  Great foresight and leadership from past WEAU volunteers has allowed the organization to stay viable during this challenging COVID pandemic.  Trevor has been in the industry as a consulting engineer for over 20 years and is currently the office manager of Brown and Caldwell in SLC. Trevor enjoys working on many of the wastewater projects being planned and constructed in the state today.  Trevor lives in Mtn. Green with his wife Tiffanie; they have four children: Tyson (now married to Jana Vermeeren), Emma (now married to Derek Smith), Ashton and Brandon.  He can occasionally be found on a local river flogging away with his fly line hoping to catch the big one.

UP FOR ELECTION:  President Elect, Sarah Leavitt Ward
Sarah Ward

Most of my WEAU friends will know me as Sarah Leavitt, it is only recently I have become Sarah Ward. I have a tall handsome husband, one amazing son and three bonus daughters. My life is full of love, happiness, laughter and adventures.  My WEAU experience began in 2007 when I became a member. My main objective in becoming a member was to attend Pretreatment trainings so I could learn from the experts. Shortly later I was asked to join the Pretreatment Committee. In 2011, I became the Pretreatment Co-Chair and then roll into the Chair position in 2013. In 2016, I was elected as a Director on the WEAU board. Serving as a Director has been a great experience; I have learned more about the organization and have had the opportunity to meet many WEAU members.  I was elected Vice-President in 2020 and with your vote, look forward to serving you as the President Elect in 2021.  One key concept I have learned from my work and WEAU experience thus far is the importance of building positive relationships. Not just the relationships with your co-workers, but the ones you build with the community, government agencies and wastewater/pretreatment professionals. It makes your workload easier when you acknowledge that we are all in this together. Overall, the true highlight of being a member of WEAU is working with and getting to know so many wastewater and pretreatment professionals from around the state.

UP FOR ELECTION:  Vice President, Sherry Sheffield

Sherry Sheffield

Sherry Sheffield began her career in wastewater treatment when she was hired over 15 years ago at South Valley Water Reclamation Facility as a laboratory analyst.  She became active in WEAU soon after that when she volunteered to be a judge for the Awards Committee.  She continued her involvement by serving on the Lab and YP Committees, as the Lab Committee Chair, and as a Director on the Board.  Through the years, she has been very involved in the Operator’s Challenge both as a competitor and a judge.  These past three years, she has served as a WEF Delegate and has enjoyed the opportunity to work with wastewater professionals from around the nation as well as Utah.  She believes that the best thing about WEAU is having the opportunity to network with a variety of wonderful people all working towards the same end goal.  She has 8 siblings, 29 nieces and nephews, and 8 great-nieces and nephews.  When not working, she loves spending time with her family, watching professional golf, and reading books.

UP FOR ELECTION:  Treasurer, Myron Bachman

Myron Bachman

Myron is a graduate of Idaho State University and started his career in field service as a generator technician, primarily focused on digester gas fueled engines and controls. He spent 8 years with CVWRF as a Cogen Operator. He has been with NDSD for the past 23 years and has served as the Plant Superintendent for the last 12 years. Myron has been married to his better half Shawna for over 36 years, and enjoys hunting, camping, and fishing especially with his 8 grandkids.

UP FOR ELECTION:  Secretary, Chad Burrell

Chad Burrell

Chad is the Operations and Safety Manager for Snyderville Basin Water Reclamation District.  He has worked 21 years in wastewater with experience in Pretreatment, Biosolids, and Operations, and has enjoyed every moment.  Having served in several roles with WEAU he has grown to value the relationships he has made with those in this industry and has always looked for ways to promote and encourage the education of others that are both in the wastewater industry and those looking into it.  In personal life Chad has been married 22 years to his wife Marcy and they have one daughter and four sons.  As a family they enjoy the outdoors, their small farm life, and rebuilding old Toyota Trucks in the garage.

Past President, Chris Reilley

Chris Reilley

Chris Reilley has been at CVWRF for over 25 years consistently gaining versatile experiences which have helped develop him into a well-rounded presence in the industry. Chris has been a parts runner, utility worker, control room operator, belt filter press operator, industrial mechanic, industrial mechanic supervisor, and is currently working as the Maintenance Manager at CVWRF. He completed his Apprenticeship and AAS Degree as a Facilities Maintenance Technician at Salt Lake Community College, and passed all the Operator and Maintenance Certification Exams. Chris has been very involved with the WEAU as both a participant and as a strong supporter of the Operator Challenge on a local and a national level. He has been on the WEAU Board as the PWO Representative and also as a Director for 3 terms. Chris has helped in many different ways throughout the industry by way of trainings and the helping of operators in preparing for certification exams, and helping both teams and individuals in the operation challenge events. Chris enjoys working hard and playing hard and can be found serving his community in many different ways such as in scouting, umpiring, and local church activities. Chris grew up in Taylorsville Utah and currently lives in Grantsville with his wife and 5 children. Chris enjoys participating in many different sport activities and loves being in the mountains and in doing many of the activities surrounding the great outdoors. His true passion and drive is his family, he loves serving them and the people he comes in contact wherever he is. He finds great enjoyment helping others learn and understand the value of water and the industry that we serve.

WEF Delegate, Clint Rogers

Clint Rogers

Clint Rogers a licensed professional engineer, Utah State Aggie, and is the Regional Water Business Leader for Stantec in Utah and the greater intermountain region. He has been professionally focused on wastewater in Utah and a member of WEAU for 15 years. He is a past president of WEAU and has enjoyed getting to know the great people involved with the association since first helping to organize a Bees game event as a new YP. Clint loves boating, skiing, watching and coaching sports with his wife and their five kids.


UP FOR ELECTION:  WEF Delegate, Jeff Beckman

Jeff Beckman

Jeff has been an active member of WEAU for over years.   He has served on various committees throughout the years, including serving as President a few years ago.  Jeff completed his education at Utah State University.  Go Aggies!  He started working with Bowen Collins & Associates in 1998 and has been there ever since.  He currently is a principle engineer with BC&A. His professional career has been spent working mostly on wastewater projects, however he has experience with a broad range of water resource related projects.  He enjoys working in the wastewater field and feels that our efforts enhance the quality of life throughout Utah.  Jeff appreciates the professional training and relationships that are provided through WEAU and looks to continue his involvement for years to come.

Director, Rob Jaterka

Rob Jaterka

Rob has been with Magna Water District for over 20 years. Starting out as a meter reader then a collections operator, he has a grade 4 in water treatment, water distribution and sewer collections. Rob also has a grade 1 in sewer treatment with plans of gaining a grade 4 certification. Currently he is the district Inspector overseeing the installation of water, sewer and pressurized irrigation for the district. His involvement with the WEAU started in 2012 as a ops challenge participant then PWO Rep and currently a director. He is the father of 2 wonderful daughters and has been married to his wife Joei for 19 years. Family being very important to him he spends a lot of his time chauffeuring his daughters to rodeo’s and cow cutting competitions.

Director, Gary Vance

Gary Vance

I first became involved with WEAU back in 2007, volunteering for the Young Professionals committee. Other duties over the years have included organizing the student design competition and chairing the Annual Conference Committee. My involvement with WEAU has been a great experience and has provided me the opportunity to get to know many terrific people in this industry. Like anything in life, you get out of it what you put into it. I’m originally from Boise and went to college at the University of Idaho and received my M.S. in Civil/Environmental Engineering from the University of Colorado. After that, I served in the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic designing and constructing gravity fed drinking water systems for 2+ years. Since then, I’ve been here in Utah for the past 14 years working as a project manager for water/ wastewater treatment systems with J-U-B Engineers. I have many hobbies including hiking, camping, and skiing. I have 2 kids and we love exploring the southern Utah red rock country and the Wasatch Mountains. I also enjoy fishing, playing soccer, music, and traveling.

UP FOR ELECTION:  Director, Jed Jenkins running against Steve Myers

Director, Jed Jenkins

Jed Jenkins

Although I am relatively new to the wastewater industry, I am extremely excited to be here. I have been working for Goble Sampson Associates for 3.5 years now and I am thoroughly enjoying working in the industry. Previously, I was in the environmental sector for ten years as a laboratory geologist. I received a bachelor’s degree in geology from Weber State University in 2008.  I currently live in Plain City, Utah with my wife and two sons aged 9 and 12. I did spend a few years in Wyoming as a child but have been in northern Utah ever since throughout my entire adult life. As a family, we enjoy spending time in the outdoors riding bikes, fishing, and backpacking.

Director, Steve Myers

Steve Myers

Steve is a registered professional engineer in the state of Utah and has been involved in water and wastewater industry his whole career.  He cut his teeth mowing lawns at Central Davis Sewer, where he cooled off in the mist coming from the trickling filters.  Since then he has worked as a design engineer locally with a couple firms and then transitions to the equipment supplier space where he spent time with Ovivo and now with Hach.  He resides in Farmington, Utah with his wife and five kids.  For fun, he enjoys boating, electronics and technology, all racquet sports, and hiking up the mountain right behind his house – if only to just escape from the mayhem due to the aforementioned five kids.  

UP FOR ELECTION:  Director, Marianka Sochanska running against Ryan Johnson

Director, Marianka Sochanska

Marianka Sochanska

Marianka Sochanska, P.E., is a Project Manager and Engineer with Brown and Caldwell. Her professional portfolio of work encompasses a wide variety of water and wastewater design and construction projects, with most recent work focusing on collections systems. She has been involved with WEAU for over 10 years and has previously served as the Young Professional Committee Chair (from 2016-2019) and is a current Board Director (assisting with the Technology Services Council from 2019-present). Her passions include the outdoors, her horses (one large horse and one feisty miniature horse), her dog, camping, river rafting, and skiing. She values the opportunity she has had to help WEAU in all aspects and looks forward to when we are all able to gather again, particularly for the Operator Challenges!

Director, Ryan Johnson

Ryan Johnson

Ryan Johnson, Has been working for the City of Orem for over 28 years. At the age of 20, he started his career working in Water Reclamation- Collections section. Since then, He’s held positions from a Technician, Stormwater Project Manager, and his current position as a Public Work Collections System, Field Supervisor.   Throughout this time, Ryan obtained a Bachelor Degree of Science in Electronic Business and Business Administration, Utah-Waste Water/ Collection grade IV certification, Department of Environmental Quality-RSI (Registered Stormwater Inspector), and, International Erosion Control Association-CISEC Certification. Ryan enjoys spending his time in the outdoors hiking, biking, camping and barbequing with friends and family. 

PWO Representative, Daniel Watts

Daniel Watts

Dan is the father of 2 amazing children. He is a great dad and enjoys taking his son all around for the Pokémon Go game. He has worked at Cottonwood Improvement District (CID) for fifteen years. He is a Grade IV Collections Operator and runs a TV van. His childhood friend helped him get his job and he has never looked back. One of Dan’s favorite projects to have worked on is cleaning big and little cottonwood canyons to see the beautiful scenery the canyons have to offer and take advantage of the cooler temperatures. Dan is grateful for the knowledge he has gained in collection systems, through his experience. He would give any new employee the advice to learn as much as you can from whomever they get to work with. Dan loves to eat Little Caesars Pizza not just one piece but the whole thing himself. He is the muscleman of Cottonwood, and loves midgets, and can’t put down the Marvel game. He loves to tell you definitions of words that most people have never ever heard of. Dan will win anyone at a staring contest when he was a kid in karate, he had to sit a whole practice and stare in the mirror for making faces at the mirror and the instructor, so he sat happily making faces at himself in the mirror the entire practice. He is good at karate and is a very accomplished football player. Dan’s first year participating in the Operator Challenge was in 2007. He has competed several times in WEAU and at the WEF national level. His favorite thing about the Operations Challenge is competing against friends he has made over the years of competition. He is a jokester, friendly, and very loyal his co-workers say and will help anyone at any time but be prepared to be made fun of the entire time he helps you. Dan Watts is funny, strong and a fierce competitor.

UP FOR ELECTION:  PWO Representative Elect, Trace Workman running against Dustin Lewis

PWO Representative Elect, Dustin Lewis

Dustin Lewis

Dustin is a collections System operator for Snyderville Basin Water Reclamation District. He has worked for them for 15 years. In his years working with his district, he has acquired a grade four collections certificate. His duties for Snyderville range from cleaning and maintaining the sewer lines, replacing manhole collars along with many other routine maintenances of their collection system. He is also well versed in Cityworks which is an asset management system. Dustin enjoys working with Cityworks to help improve and maintain the workflow and ease of their jobs. Dustin has been a great tool to lean on for North Davis Sewer in their implementation of Cityworks.  Dustin has participated in Operations Challenge 6 times for the WEAU conference along with representing Utah 3 times in WEF.  He is currently running for PWO for the WEAU. Dustin likes to take his jeep down to Moab along with camping with family and friends. While out camping his spends time out on his boat. When he cannot get away camping, he likes to take short trips on his Harley to free his mind. Dustin has a new Fiancé (Destiny) with a little girl and two boys. 

PWO Representative Elect, Trace Workman

Trace Workman

Has worked for Central Davis Sewer District for the past 22 years. Has   worked in dewatering, operations and is currently the Plant Superintendent.  Has obtained Treatment 4 unrestricted, Collections 4 unrestricted and Biosolids Land applier 2 Wastewater Operator certificates.  In the past he has served on WEAU’s Biosolid committee where has enjoyed meeting operators and wastewater professionals from all over. He has also competed on various operations challenge teams on the State and National levels where he has met people from all over the country. He has enjoyed the camaraderie amongst those that participate in the challenge. He has been married to his wife (Stephanie) for 22 years. Together they have 4 children.  Maili (21) Jaycee (19) Merl T. (14) Jed (10).  They enjoy camping, fishing, hunting and hanging out together whenever they can.  Trace enjoys archery, hanging out with his family, riding motorcycles and wheeler with friends and family and is always looking for the perfect deep untouched snowmobile line.