Clay Marriott

Clay Marriott, Central Weber

I am Clay Marriott, lead Collections Operator and grade IV Waste Water Treatment Operator at Central Weber Sewer Improvement District in Ogden, Utah.
Central Weber’s collection team and I am currently updating the collections system. We use GPS surveying, cleaning, inspecting and perform regular maintenance to our collection system. I oversee the SWPPP (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan) and have built a utility map for Central Weber. I am also a member of our plant chlorine and safety teams. I perform many maintenance projects. As well as Central Weber participation in the Watt Smart Energy program I was responsible for the effluent project which helped save significant energy costs. I studied Construction Management at Weber State University while working in the construction field for eight years. I was also able to work on a ranch for several years before I started my career at Central Weber. I enjoy challenges that arise in this industry and I thrive on finding solutions to these challenges. 
This is my seventh year participating in Operations Challenge. I have competed on two national teams. The opportunities and lessons I have learned are priceless. The friendships I have made and cherish are the greatest asset of Operations Challenge. 
My wife Heather and I currently operate a small business that revolves around our families love and passion for showing and raising animals. Together we are raising 3 busy kids, Stockton-11, Ridge-8, and Maysa-5. Life at the Marriott Ranch is always a wild ride and we wouldn’t want it any other way.