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Polymer 101: Chemistry, Handling, Activation/Mixing, and Optimization

September 23, 2020
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
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Despite the wide-spread use of polymers and their associated high recurring expense, understanding exactly how to optimize polymer use in water/wastewater treatment is not well understood. Three types of polymers are discussed in regards to physical form, molecular weight, charge density, and size distribution. Proper way of handling and storage of dry and emulsion polymers is reviewed.
Quality of dilution water has serious impact on the efficiency of polymer solution. Effects of various parameters of dilution water such as hardness, chlorine, temperature, and turbidity are discussed. Preparing efficient polymer solution is a key for successful clarification, filtration, or dewatering. The benefits of employing two-stage mixing are demonstrated by theoretical consideration and experimental data. Sufficient residence time in emulsion polymer system is found to improve the efficiency of polymer solution. Also Included are equipment features and the latest improvements that help ensure efficiency and reliability for utilities and treatment plant operators.


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