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Cathodic Protection Design Fundamentals

November 04, 2020
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
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The use of cathodic protection is an often underused and misunderstood tool for preventing the corrosion in utilities. It provides a very powerful method of extending the life of utility infrastructure, though it is often overlooked for various reasons. This presentation provides a review of the basics of corrosion, discussions of different corrosion problems unique to the water industry, available methods of cathodically protecting infrastructure, a review of the cathodic protection design process, and methods of achieving a higher quality product through appropriate construction testing of cathodic protection components. Finally, by discussing the theory behind why cathodic protection is applied to infrastructure and providing the reader a better understanding of the cathodic protection design and construction process, it will emphasize the importance of using cathodic protection, and allow utility providers greater comfort in considering it on future projects.


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