Mid-Year Conference




2020 midyear conference

Covid-19 has continued to put a strain on our lives in our communities, state, nation, and the world. We recognize the benefits of gathering together as associates in the water industry, as well as the need to help our members obtain CEUs for certifications and licenses. However, after much discussion as a board, we regret that we will have to cancel our 2020 mid-year conference due to a wide variety of circumstances, restrictions, and unknowns. Many such restrictions and unknowns function at both a local and state level, and we are doing our part to be fluid in these changes that are ever-present in our lives. With the cancellation of our mid-year conference, we want to thank you for your understanding and patience as we adapt to these circumstances. As we each do our part to slow the spread of Coronavirus, we appreciate the sacrifices you all make in your different roles in the communities you serve. Despite the unknowns of the future, we know that with our joint efforts we will overcome these challenging times.

Based on discussions with our WEAU leadership and observing what WEF and other member associations are doing, we will be working with our committees to push forward with online training over the coming months.  We have chosen to use GoToWebinars as our online webinar service to help us in our efforts to provide classes and trainings for certification and licensing CEUs.  We anticipate these webinars will start in August or September and will initially include presentations from speakers who were slated to present at the 2020 Annual Conference.  If you are willing to present in some of the webinar trainings, please contact our technical service director, Marianka Sochanska at [email protected]


Continuing Education

Are you a certified operator in need of continuing education units? You can earn up to 0.5 CEU by attending the WEAU Mid-Year Conference. Are you a professional engineer? It is required that you complete a minimum of 30 hours of professional continuing education within a two-year renewal cycle. The time you spend in sessions at the conference may count toward your continuing education requirement.