Membership in WEAU provides opportunity to connect you with water quality professionals throughout Utah. Opportunities to expand your professional network and increase your knowledge of industry innovations include WEAU's Annual and Mid-Year conferences. Other opportunities include training courses and job opportunities. 

Top Benefits of WEAU Membership

  • Enhance Your Industry Skills

  • Facilitate Lifelong Learning

  • Champion Productive Relationships

  • Enrich Your Leadership Potential

  • Increase Awareness and Recognition in Your Field

  • Master Your Career Goals

WEAU operations and activities are possible due to its sponsors. Sponsoring WEAU provides a local platform to advertise your company and be seen by Utah's wastewater professionals. Follow the 'Current Sponsors' link on the left to see WEAU's 2016 sponsors. 

WEAU Membership: What’s in it for you?

Make your brain 500 times bigger

You’ve heard the expression “Two heads are better than one.” How about 500 plus heads? You can learn and share solutions when you link with fellow WEAU members who give you the power of their experience when you’re trying to solve a problem or figure out a new situation.

Demonstrate your Competence through Certification

WEAU conducts ABC certification review classes. so employers…and the public…can be assured that they keep themselves, the public, and the environment safe.

Save money

Save $$ with the technical tips, tools, and processes you can pick up from award winning wastewater treatment plants. An average member saves more than $100 with WEAU member discounts on certification and training.

Improve your safety record

All right, we can’t guarantee that! But you’ve got to admit it makes sense that being better trained you are the less likely you are to have accidents. WEAU offers numerous training every year throughout the state designed just for you. That’s good for you and your employer.

Save the environment and have fun

WEAU folks know how to work hard, be professional, save the environment…and have fun, too. WEAU has annual baseball fun night, picnics, berbaques, golf tournaments, banquets, and more to spice up their regular training calendar.

Ready to join?

To join WEAU, you must join our national organization, the Water Environmental Federation. Please visit the national WEF site, fill out the membership application, and select WEA of Utah as your Member Association. 

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